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my first News post

2008-03-11 17:31:22 by Zerossoul

Woohoo! I'm in the Forgive me colab, and I can't think of much else to write about....

...oh ya, I have a page on deviant art as well!


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2008-03-23 21:01:09

Sora pwns.


2008-09-09 22:17:42

Snorlax is a gigantic Pokémon with a huge body somewhat in%uFEFF the shape of a bear. Snorlax has been said to weigh over 1/2 of a ton on the Pokémon cards. and a face with pointed ears that resemble a cat. It has a large off white colored belly with the rest of its skin being either dark or bright blue. Snorlax is a very lazy creature which sleeps almost constantly one of the few reason it will wake up is to eat. Having an enormous appetite, it will devour almost anything, even moldy and rotten food.


2008-10-12 23:26:00

damn you! you can draw!